2012年3月13日 星期二

On Time Wasting

From RF.com tvradke  Written on: 03/12/2012 | 06:07 PM

People have been noticing this for a very long time. Since Nadal was 19. But the officials have never had the guts to do anything about it. Nadal, Djokovic and a number of others can continue making a mockery of the rules. I always thought that if Roddick had been the dominant player of this era instead of Roger, the likes of Nadal would have struggled to be that slow on the court. Roddick would have simply gotten to the line in 10 seconds and waited and looked at the umpire on every point and sooner rather than later, the official would be compelled to act. Roger is too nice to make a big deal out of this and instead tells himself to adapt and keep his focus. Roddick simply did not get any real opportunities to play Nadal when he himself was a top 3 player. I remember Ljubicic once commenting after he lost to Nadal in 2005 French Open saying that the amount of time Nadal took between points was ridiculous. People have been talking about it all along but it is all just talk.

早從 Nadal 十九歲大家就已經注意到這件事了(發球拖時間)。但官方從沒有魄力來採取相關作為。Nadal, Djokovic 跟其他幾位可以繼續嘲笑規則沒關係。我總是幻想如果之前是 Roddick 的時代而非 Roger 的,像 Nadal 這種拖時間的選手就不會在場上膽敢這樣慢條斯理來發球。Roddick 十秒內就會回到底線等發球,然後會每分都盯著主審看,遲早官方會被迫採取行動。Roger 就是人太好才沒對這種事大驚小怪,他反而告訴自己要去適應、保持專注。Roddick 在前三時根本沒啥機會跟 Nadal 對上。我記得 Ljubicic 05年法網輸給 Nadal 後曾經說過 Nadal 分與分之間所花的時間實在多到荒繆。大家講這件事講很久了,不過就也只是講講。 

2012年2月15日 星期三

You've got to be LINdding me!!!

Jeremy Lin's game-winner against Rap helped Knicks win six streak games.

2012年2月13日 星期一

奪走巨人隊的光采:林書豪—籃壇的Tim Tebow,零度太陽處女

Robert Phoenix » Giant Buzz Kill; Introducing Jeremy Lin, B-Ball’s Tim Tebow, Zero Degree Virgo Sunshine

February 11th, 2012 @ 7:45 pm by Robert Phoenix

Linsane in the membrane.

The universe has a wicked sense of humor. The New York Nephillim, I mean Giants, barely had a chance to shine in the glow of the Super Bowl’s lesser light when some Taiwanese-American kid with a crew cut, who by the way, also happens to be a Tim Tebowesque Christian, has taken New York by storm and somehow managed to eclipse the Giant achievement. Yes, I’m talking about Jeremy Lin.

宇宙有個惡趣味的幽默;紐約懼人,呃我是說巨人幾乎沒時間好好享受贏超級盃的滋味,因為這位平頭台裔美籍小子,剛好也像Tim Tebow一樣是基督徒,如風暴一般席捲紐約,把巨人隊奪冠的光環完全掩蓋。是的,我就是在說林書豪。

If you don’t know who Jeremy Lin is, I guarantee that if he keeps playing the way he has been, you will.


Let’s get the key astro stuff out of the way, do a little back story, then drill down.


2012年2月11日 星期六

2012年2月4日 星期六

球員分析 - Tsonga, Isner, Soderling

From RF.com feddy052377 Written on: 01/29/2012 | 07:24 AM

Taken as a whole, these guys would have to serve really well and hit big throughout a match to win, something that's difficult to do over a best of 5 sets format. That's the "beauty" of ND's, AM's, and RN's games -- THEY don't need to have an "on" day necessarily, i.e., serve really well or hit the ball deep consistently; they can simply play the odds that the opponent can't continue hitting big and serving big the entire match.


Individually, all of these guys have huge holes in their games.


2012年2月3日 星期五

澳網四強 (上半籤)

From RF.com feddy052377 Written on: 01/29/2012 | 03:56 AM

As for Djoko/Murray, I mentioned at the start of the tournament that that was a 50-50 match and it was. It's not that Djoko was playing particularly poorly (even though both he and Murray were playing badly), but that it's an awkward matchup. Murray has defeated Djoko plenty of times on hard courts. His return is just as good, BH just as good, first serve is bigger although he didn't display it, volleys better, and his defense is just as good. If Murray comes to play, that matchup is always going to be awkward and tight.


On another note, the tour might want to take a look at the ugly nature of the Djoko/Murray match to see the future of the tour. Neither player could hit through the other on this court and because of the other's defense. There was no where to go. Every player is going to play like this in the future to maximize their chances because this style of play with today's courts yields results and reduces the variance in results, i.e., no ups and downs really, make the other player win with his offense and if his offense isn't good enough, then you win.


2012 澳網決賽用時真相

Length of Aussie final didn't add up

By Kamakshi Tandon Special to ESPN.com


But just as the numbers don't do justice to the drama of the contest and the quality of certain stages of Sunday's match, they don't quite tell the full story about its length, either.